Richport Team

Building Relationships

Your home is only as good as your builder and your builder is only as good as its employees & contractors.  Rick Porter is a fifth generation native whose roots are exemplified in his long term relationships with his building team!  Several of the contractors that Richport uses were childhood friends of Rick. Several other contractors have been working for Richport for so long that their children are now running their businesses!  That’s a builder and team that will be there when you need them.  Richport builds relationships.



Robert Hewatt (left) was born and still lives in the house that Rick’s Great Great Grandfather built in Tucker. After graduating with his degree in Architecture from Georgia Tech, Robert worked for Rick’s families’ construction company for 15 years before beginning work with Richport in the early 1980’s. Today his focus is house and site design. In his spare time Robert enjoys tennis and reading.

Steve Combs (right) graduated from North Georgia college with a degree in management. He worked in his family business for 10 years before joining Richport in 2000 as part of the accounting team. He has since worn every hat from estimating to customer service to production management to managing all sales contracts- making him the ideal general manager. He lives in Grayson with his wife and two daughters who all enjoy Disney World a little too much.




Carly Butts joined Richport in 2004 as part of the customer care team.  Excelling rapidly in her ability to manage both the construction process and people, Carly became both one of Richport’s builders as well as  the customer care manager.  Today she manages two subdivisions while conducting all the new home owner orientations.  In her spare time Carly loves hiking, traveling and playing with her two dogs.


David Patrick is a native Atlantan having graduated from Lakeside High School and Emory University with a degree in economics.  After trying several industries, including managing a comedy club, David found his life passion when hired by U.S.Homes & Arthur Runtenburg Homes.  With us for over 15 years, he is one of Richport’s builders specializing in their Infill production & renovations.  David also loves many outdoor activities including dirt bike riding with his son, deep sea fishing with his wife and both snow and water skiing.

Richport crossed paths with Robert “Bucky” Buchanon when he was umpiring Dixie Youth Baseball, an avenue for the last twenty years that allows Ump Bucky to gently mold shy kids into a more confident life.  Having been in construction for over thirty years, Robert is a hands on builder having been both a framer and a plumber prior to joining Richport 10 years ago.  In addition to umpiring, Robert is having a great time this year coaching  his 12 year old daughter in fast pitch softball.

Joining Richport over 26 years ago, Alex Matthews is an instrumental part of the team having his hands on every home that is built with much of Richport’s quality due to his care and attention. .  A native Atlantan, Alex walked a mile from home  each way when he first joined Richport in order to get to the production site. Both of his sons have worked with him on site during their summers with one joining the armed forces and one having a full four year football scholarship.  Alex was a proud Father when his daughter also  joined the armed forces last year. In addition to his family life, Alex enjoys cooking and some neighborhood football.


When Richport was in its infancy several of the contractors that built the homes were part of the family business. Richport has kept this philosophy with  many of the current contractors having worked for Richport 10, 20 and even 30 years.  Not only were two of them childhood friends of Rick’s but several have worked for Richport for so long that their children our now involved!  Pictured here is master wood worker Bruce Garner and his youngest son Garrett who is learning the business. Bruce is just one example of not only longevity and stability but also true quality of workmanship.