Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase

For 35 years, Richport has been committed to homeownership, and we are more committed today than ever. Throughout the years, during upturns, during downturns, when prices are rising, when prices are falling, homeownership has proven its value over and over. Not just as an investment, but also a place to call your own, a place to enjoy your friends, a place to raise your family. We can put you on the road to ownership today!!

No matter your current situation….you can own a Richport home!

Just call Ken at 770-845-8846 to discover Home Ownership Made Easy!

With our unique lease purchase program, we will design a plan that fits your needs. We understand credit scores, income ratios, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and our team of professionals can customize a plan for you to be in a Richport home today! Here are the easy steps:

  1. Call Ken at 770-845-8846

  2. After a short in person interview, they can determine which team members need to help evaluate your application based on current and future income, credit score, credit report and current debt.
  3. Depending upon your needs, a month to month plan will be developed.
  4. You move into your Richport Home today while you execute your plan. Your monthly payment will be based upon rentals in your area.
  5. Based on a rental appraisal at the time of your closing, a certain portion of your monthly rent may be applied to your down payment.

It only makes sense… earn your income on a monthly basis so why not save your down payment on a monthly basis….while you still have all the benefits of living in your new Richport home.

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Home Ownership Made Easy