Infill is more than just renovations!

Richport Properties is a land whisperer with the ability to view the needs of a particular property and reshape it into a productive subdivision that benefits an entire community. From its first venture in the early eighties near Jimmy Carter Blvd that moved land from a mounded hill to an adjacent valley to recently finding a condo project in Duluth that was transformed into cottages, Richport has built infill homes from Sugar Hill to Covington.

The challenging success of providing homes in sought after locations for affordable prices continues to this day in renovations in Medlock Park near Emory and a live/work residence near Decatur. David Patrick, a fifteen-year employee, heads up this division for Richport using his business acumen from his Emory finance degree and his many years in commercial construction prior to joining Richport.


See below for just a few of our amazing examples!

Renovation Accomplishments:

Urban Conservation Development: