Student Projects

ULI Hines Student Competition 2018 Finalist: “Absorption”

"Creating a space for regeneration, recreation, and reflection, Absorption is a mixed-use, transit-oriented development that seeks to transform East Toronto’s local ecology and local community into a smart, healthy, and equitable transit center. The development addresses four challenges that Toronto faces in its evolution to become one of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities: a lack of ecological renewal, social equity, a vibrant economy, and authentic cultural identity."

ULI Hines Student Competition 2018 Finalist: “Eastern Link”

"Eastern Link is Toronto’s newest cultural connection. It’s a neighborhood fueled by Toronto’s economic engine and inspired by the independent spirit of surrounding communities. It is a vibrant cultural center and a local-serving mixed-use development."

ULI Hines Student Competition 2016 Finalist: “Stage Street, Breaking the Fourth Wall”

"Midtown Atlanta has become a hub for post-recession development activity. With booming tech and medical industries and a burgeoning film industry, the region is poised for continued growth. Despite the increasing presence of the entertainment industry, the city lacks a defined center of entertainment culture. In order to create a differentiated, market-feasible program, capitalize on a site positioned at the center of the city’s major neighborhoods, and embrace an entertainment culture, the Stage Street development offers an integrated, mixed-use, mixed-income program with a pedestrian orientation and social spaces to help Atlantans break the fourth wall of culture by stepping out of their private spaces and onto the stage of a shared Midtown experience."

ULI Hines Student Competition Finalist 2014: “Uptown Nashville”

"Uptown Nashville seeks to rebuild the current district identity to create a new and improved Sulphur Dell District. With the stadium development and other existing and proposed amenities acting as a catalyst, Uptown Nashville is intended to leverage existing and future amenities to foster the creation of a healthy, diverse, and profitable community."