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Human habitat

Every living species is dependent upon the resources of our planet. The human species is no more or no less dependent, while possessing the ability to project short and long term consequences of resource utilization. The relatively recent introduction of private ownership of property has enhanced our understanding of scarcity. There is no inherent conflict between affluence and habitat protection, but quite the opposite. Embrace the ingenuity of marvelous human habitat as the only sustainable path to resource protection. The delivery of land use through Real Estate Development in a free market has, can, and will balance resources among species.

Environmental habitat

Technological advancement involves a deeper understanding and utilization of the physical environment, whether mining the raw materials for a new smartphone or creating the next building on the skyline. Most of the world is no longer nomadic. The option to spoil and roam is an unsustainable strategy. Real Estate Development must embrace these new technologies to foster responsible habitat creation based upon viable resource sustainability.

Regulatory infrastructure

Free societies concede coercion to a limited government with the sole purpose of protecting the individual to flourish and thrive. Well crafted laws and regulations seek this outcome. When process overtakes outcome as a driver, invariably coercion creates artificial scarcity and inequality that discards large portions of our population in its wake.  Real Estate Development must advocate public policy that allows innovative land use supply to satisfy the demands of all market segments while protecting private property from demonstrable damages.


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